About Us


We are a group of trained and qualified counsellors and therapists with many years teaching experience.  We have all taught university courses and between us we have a wide-range of experience in management, education, health and social care.

We work closely with the University of East Anglia and other training providers in the region to make sure that our Counselling Skills, Counselling Theory and CBT courses will give you a recognised foundation to carry on to further study at Certificate and Diploma level.

We know that learning is best done from first-hand experience.  So there is always time on our courses to try out what you are learning.  You learn theory and skills, put them in to practice and get feedback to develop your understanding  You become more self-aware and more effective at active listening in your professional work and personal life.

Our courses are held in and around Norwich at:

  • St Barnabas Counselling Centre, Derby St, Norwich NR2 4PU
  • The United Reform Church, Princes St, Norwich NR3 1AZ
  • Barnham Broom NR9 4DF